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With our innovative technology and team of experts we scan the web (social media, deep web and data bases) for threats.


Any check is valid to the day it was done! Our unique technology helps us monitor and identify any abnormal online behavior on real time.


With our special OSINT capabilities and our access to global data bases - we could verify & authenticate your candidate’s C.V (education, previous employment history, personal capabilities etc.)

How we do it

Scan and detected

We do OSINT (open source intelligence). We will scan all social media, deep web and data bases for threats, red flags & other negative online behavior (terror support, criminal behavior, hatred groups extremists etc..)


Our team of experts analysts are all veterans of the intelligence and counter-terror departments in the Israeli army and in the Israeli Security Agency with intensive years of experience. Our team will analyze all data ,information and alerts and will issue a detailed summery and recommendations.


Our team of experts will analyze every suspicious detail that will pop-up and produce a full detailed report to you. In case of a proven threat the client will be notified immediately.


A unique combination of technology and highly experienced analysts. Any person detected by ProfCheck as a potential threat will undergo a "deep analysis”, led by one of our senior in house analysts including the analysis of his wide connections.

Who does it fit

Companies that hire foreigners and immigrants from countries that English is not the spoken/formal language.

Institutions that work with refugees and new upcoming immigrants.

Companies and corporations committed by regulation or internal corporate decision to check the reliability of their employees, candidates and suppliers.

Companies that their employees are scattered around the world can’t really monitor & supervise them in an effective way due to the distance and lack of cultural and linguistic familiarity.

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